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Research Position Evaluation System

Welcome to Panelink!

This site will be of interest principally to ARS research scientists and other ARS personnel. Other government and private research organizations may also find it informative. ARS is justly proud of RPES... the most highly regarded research position classification system in the Federal government.

Primary management responsibility for RPES rests with the the ARS Associate Administrator for Research Operations and Management. RPES is administered on a nationwide basis by the Research Position Evaluation Staff in the ARS Human Resources Division.

Follow these links for details about RPES:

New Announcements


Tips For First-Timers

Classification Guidance

Other Guidance/References


Contact Information:

Research Position Evaluation Staff
ARS Human Resources Division
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705-5101
Telephone: 301-504-1408
FAX: 301.504.1586
Primary Contact:



Last Updated: 08/07/2014