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About the Program

The AFM Mentoring Program matches employees with experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable mentors who will provide personal support, counseling, and coaching to help individuals plan and realize their career goals. The Program can assist employees in identifying strengths, improving performance, and setting career goals. The Mentoring Program is not designed to facilitate promotion or career change. It is an opportunity for pairs to meet and plan career strategies. It is up to the mentee to carry those out successfully.

Any permanent ARS employee providing administrative or financial management support is eligible for the AFM Mentoring Program. Applicants for Mentor or Mentee must submit a written application to the Program Manager by the specified due date. Applications are available on the Mentoring Program Web site.

The Mentoring Program has several objectives, including preparing employees for greater personal success, productivity, and achievement and improving communication across the organization, at different levels, in different occupations, between the field and headquarters, and among diverse employees. Through the Program, Mentees can establish and pursue goals with the help of a mentor who coaches and counsels, and Mentors will find an opportunity to pass on organizational history, values, culture, and knowledge, as well as personal experiences and philosophy.A Mentoring Program Committee will match Mentors and Mentees based on information provided in their applications. Supervisors will allow up to one hour a week for the pair to meet. The mentoring arrangement will last for one year.

For more information see Frequently Asked Questions on the Web site, or contact one of the Mentoring Program Committee members.Mentoring Program Committee

  • Jamie Wadzink, Program Manager

  • Pat Barry, FD
  • Pat Frick, HRD
  • Sandy Groneberg, MWA
  • Joyce Rice, NAL
  • Carlos Santoyo, NAA
  • June Williams, SPA
  • Valencia Winstead, FD

Program Manager
Jamie Wadzink
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Mail Stop 5108
Beltsville, Md. 20705-5000

Last Updated: 05/05/2010