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REE Administrative Issuances

List of Bulletins

Bulletin Number Title of Bulletin Date
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2014 Bulletins
  14-301 PDF E-Gov Travel System (ETS2) Transition 12/18/13
  14-468.1 PDF ARS Employee Recognition Program ARS-ALL 04/07/14
2013 Bulletins
  13-002 PDF Information Technology (IT) Acquisition Approval Requests (AAR)
  13-003 PDF

ARS Information Technology Lifecycle Management (This Replaces:  Bulletin 05-001, “ARS IT Hardware Life Cycle Management” and Bulletin 07-003, “IT Hardware and Software Policy”)

  13-301 PDF E-Gov Travel System (ETS2) Transition (In Revision) 09/06/13
  13-007 PDF Telework Security and Non-Government Furnished Equipment 03/15/13
  13-302 PDF FY 2013 Travel Card Training 05/15/13
  13-303 PDF Obligation of Appropriations: Fiscal Year Chargeable 08/16/13
  13-304 PDF Year-End Closing Dates and Closing Guidance 08/13/13
  13-305 PDF Conference/Training Attendance, Sponsorship, & Reporting 09/05/13
  13-403 PDF REE Child Care Tuition Assistance Program

“This issuance has been removed pending identification of a contractor to administer the REE Child Care Tuition Assistance Program.  For questions in the interim, please contact Liz Parker, REE Work/Life and Wellness Program Manager, at 301-233-2995, or by email at”

2012 Bulletins
  12-010 PDF REE Issuance Review Process 12/07/12
  12-220.0 PDF Accepting Unconditional Gifts of Personal Property 05/11/12
  12-221 PDF ARS - Exchange/Sale Authority for Qualified Personal Property 08/20/12
  12-244.1 PDF

Enhanced Use Leasing – (The Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, National Agricultural Library (Specific))

  12-302 PDF Capturing Operations and Maintenance Costs 03/16/12
  12-303 PDF Allowance for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense 05/02/12
  12-468.0 PDF AFM Awards Instructions 08/28/12
  12-702 PDF Conflict of Interest Certification 09/28/12
  12-708 PDF Use of the Federal Financial Report, SF-425, for Grants and Assistance Type Cooperative Agreements
2011 Bulletins
  11-003 PDF Preservation of Tobacco Files 03/29/11
  11-156.0-ARS PDF Energy Efficient Light Bulbs 02/07/11
  11-160.0-ARS PDF Accepting Utility Rebates and Recycling Proceeds (ARS Specific) 09/26/11
  11-302 PDF GovTrip Split Disbursement Process 02/25/11
  11-303 PDF Use TUMS for Utility Payments 03/11/11
  11-402.5 PDF Employee Eligibility Determination and Notification for Telework 04/12/11
  11-402.5 ERS-NASS-NIFA PDF Employee Eligibility Determination and Notification for Telework (ERS, NASS, and NIFA Only) 04/26/11
  11-402.5.1 PDF Telework Training and Agreements (ARS only) 06/14/11
2010 Bulletins
  10-100.3-ARS PDF Electronic Stewardship 03/23/10
  10-151 PDF ARS Facilities as Severe Weather Shelter 03/02/10
  10-156 PDF Use of Prior Fiscal year Appropriations under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 10/12/10
  10-200 PDF Facilities Construction Authorities (FCA) 10/15/09
  10-226.0 PDF Ban on Text Messaging While Driving on Official Business 06/02/10
  10-306 PDF Use of the Foreign Travel Information System 07/01/10
  10-325 PDF Funds Control for ARRA Funds 09/11/10
  10-706 PDF E-Green File Implementation in ARIS/AIMS 10/08/10
  10-707 PDF Implementation of Office of Management and Budget Grant and Cooperative Agreement Requirements: Data Universal Number System/Central Contractor Registration (DUNS/CCR) Registration and Sub-award Reporting 10/06/10
2009 Bulletins
  09-151 PDF ARS Capital Project and Repair Plan (CPRP) 01/26/09
  09-302 PDF Treasury Account Symbols (TAS) and Business Event Type Codes (BETC)        02/12/09
  09-303 PDF Unliquidated Obligations 06/10/09
  09-304 PDF Official Travel File and Receipt Requirement 04/09/09
2008 Bulletins
  08-020 PDF ARS-All Employee Email Transmittals  05/05/08
  08-700 PDF Agricultural Research Information System/Agreements Information Management System Data Entry Requirements for the Research Support Agreement 06/05/08
  08-702 PDF Authorized Departmental Officers Designated Representative Training Requirements 07/17/08
  08-703 PDF Standard Cooperative Agreement 09/16/08
2007 Bulletins
  07-304 PDF Change in Approval Requirement of Dollar
Threshold for Incoming Agreements
  07-309 PDF ARS Foundation Financial Information System (FFIS)
Support Help Desk Procedures
  07-411 PDF Personal Identity Verification (PIV) for New Hires 01/09/07
2006 Bulletins
  06-304 PDF Indirect Program Support Costs Policy 04/13/06
  06-402.3.1 PDF Travel Between Home and a Temporary Duty Station 09/18/06
  06-402.6 PDF Sick Leave Regulatory Changes 10/01/06
2005 Bulletins
  05-306 PDF Indirect Program Support Costs Policy 07/15/05
2004 Bulletins
  04-154 PDF General Administrative Policy for Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreements 09/01/04
2003 Bulletins
  03-309 WordPerfect Exe file Billings and Collections Process for Incoming Reimbursable Funds for Federal and Non-Federal Cooperators 08/13/03
  03-700 PDF Memoranda of Understanding and Non-Funded Cooperative Agreements 02/22/06
2002 Bulletins
  02-312 WordPerfect Assignment of Budget Object Codes for Personal and Real Property 09/18/02
  02-402 WordPerfect Payment Methods and Procedures for Processing Training Requests 02/11/02
2001 Bulletins
2000 Bulletins



Last Updated: 04/18/2014

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