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About Human Resources Division

Key Contacts


Office of the Director

  Diane McFadgen, Director  
  Human Resources Division  
  5601 Sunnyside Avenue  
  Beltsville, Maryland 20705-5103  
  Telephone: 301-504-1317  
  Fax: 301-504-1325  
Program / Function Contact Person Telephone Number 
Executive Assistant Paula McEvoy 301-504-1317

Deputy Director, HCPD

  Casandra Butler  
Telephone:  301-504-4423  

Deputy Director, Employment & Benefits

  Rosita Spears  
  Telephone:  301-504-1563  

Systems Staff

  Donna White, Section Head  
  Telephone:  301-504-1411  
Program / Function Contact Person Telephone Number 
Quality Control & Records Management Katrina Lutrey 301-504-1357
Quality Control & Records Management Tafoya Sutton 301-504-1362
Quality Control & Records Management Tojuana Tillman 301-504-1372








Last Updated: 08/18/2014