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Employee & Leadership Development

Contact Information

Employee & Leadership DevELopment Staff (ELDS) Information

Under Development

  • Request Training at Your Location
  • Request to Convert Your PowerPoint or Other Training to AgLearn
  • Request Development of Original Training
  • Course Critique Info
  • Webinar Assistance/Scheduling (HRD only)
  • Request a Rosetta Stone License
  • Survey Monkey Assistance/Support (HRD only)
  • OPM Development Programs
  • Grad School Development Programs
  • IDP Assistance/Guidance
  • New Supervisor Training Program
  • Mentoring Program
  • SES 360 Feedback Program
  • AgLearn Info/Requests
  • ELDS Initiatives
  • AgLearn Training for Administrators



Last Updated: 08/05/2014