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Policy & Guidance


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FD Policies & Guidance: P&Ps and Manuals


Issuance Number    Subject Date
134.2 Energy Water & Sustainability Policy (ARS) 8/3/09
151.0 Hunting on ARS Controlled Land (ARS) 3/9/09
154.0-ARS Tracking of Hazardous Waste Cleanup Funds 08/13/12
160.0M Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Program 06/02/11
165.0-ARS Real Property Leasing Officer and Lease Delegations of Authority 10/28/13
240.3 Physical Protection, Security & Conduct While on REE Facilities 06/23/00
242.1M -ARS ARS Facilities Design Standards 05/01/12
242.2-ARS Facilities Construction Authorities 11/10/98
242.4M -ARS Major Facilities Construction Manual 03/04/98
242.5 -ARS Economic Analysis & Decision for ARS Facility Modernization (ARS) 07/09/98
242.8 ARS Facility Operations and Maintenance (ARS) 8/6/09
243.1 Display and Handling of the Flags of the United States, the Department of Agriculture, and the Secretary of Agriculture 11/13/09
243.2 REE Signage Policy 04/19/99
243.3 REE Smoking Policy 12/15/11
244.0 Guidance and Instructions for the Collection and Use of Fees (ARS) 1/21/04
245.1 Chapter 4 ARS Real Property Manual Chapter 4 (ARS), Mineral Leasing 11/19/09
245.1 Chapter 7 ARS Real Property Manual Chapter 7, Quarters Management (ARS) 4/5/10


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FD Bulletins


Issuance Number    Subject Date

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12-244.1 PDF

Enhanced Use Leasing – (The Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, National Agricultural Library (Specific))

14-151 PDF ARS Capital Project and Repair Plan (CPRP) (ARS)


09-224 PDF Enhanced Use Leasing Authority (EUL) 1/1/09
10-151 PDF ARS Facilities As Severe Weather Shelter 3/2/10
10.200 Facilities Construction Authorities 10/15/09
11-223.0-ARS Accepting Utility Rebates and Recycling Proceeds (ARS Specific) 02/07/11
FAQs for Bulletin 11-223.0-ARS


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FD Policy Guidance Memorandums


Issuance Number    Subject Date
PGM -01-001 Facilities Division Policy Memoranda System 08/21/01
PGM-02-002 Guidelines to AFM Cubicle Etiquette - George Washington Carver Center 02/21/02
Revised 08/28/09
PGM-02-003 Budget Estimating Form 02/27/02
PGM-02-005 Physical Security in ARS Information Technology Restricted Space 07/23/02
PGM-02-006 Payment of Building Permit and Other Construction-Related Fees to State and Local Governments on ARS Construction Projects 09/09/02
PGM-04-001 Commissioning 11/10/2003
PGM-04-002 Implementation of Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Features on AFM-Managed Products 11/20/2003
PGM-04-003 Implementation of Accessibility Requirements on AFM-Managed Projects 11/20/2003
PGM-04-004 Physical Security Interim Policy 08/27/2004
PGM-06-001 Telecommunications Infrastructure Guidelines 04/04/2007

ARRA Recipient Reporting Data Quality Review Guidance



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FD Standard Operating Procedures

Issuance Number Subject Date
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FDSOP-04-0001 MS Word Procedures for Area Project Status Meeting 08/11/04
FDSOP-05-002 MS Word Procedure to Obtain Deputy Administrator’s Approval for POR/Feasibility Studies 05/04/2005 (Revised)
FDSOP-05-002 Attachments Attachment1:Word doc
Attachment2:Excel doc
05/04/2005 (Revised)


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FCB Standard Operating Procedures


Issuance Number    Subject Date

CSOP-02-002    ARS3261.xls   and    ARS 326-1.xls

CSOP-02-004 Contract and Task Order Award Announcements (Revised) 12/19/01
(Revised) 06/04/2010
CSOP-02-006 Prior Fiscal Year Fund Requests

01/11/2011 (Revised) 06/11/2002

CSOP-05-003 Memoranda to the File 02/1/1/05
CSOP-10-001 ARRA Reporting Review Procedures   09/02/10
CSOP-11-001 Market Research and File Documentation 03/31/11



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