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Agreement Authorities

Agreement Type Authority

Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement *

Specific Cooperative Agreement *

Standard Cooperative Agreement

7 USC 3318(b)
7 USC 3291*

Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement

Trust Fund Cooperative Agreement

7 USC 450a

Assistance Type Cooperative Agreement *

Grant *

7 USC 3318(c)
7 USC 3291*

Research Support Agreement
(Cost Reimbursable Agreement)

7 USC 3319a

Memorandum of Understanding

Programmatic Authority

Federal Cooperative Agreement Act of 1977

31 USC 6301

Interagency Agency Agreements 31 USC 1535

*When the agreement is with an international organization, notated by an F in the Agreement number, 7 USC 3291 is the pertinent authority.

Last Updated: 06/12/2014