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Standard Procurement Documents

The following list of MS WORD documents are templates to be customized as needed by each user. They are intended to assist procurement officials in providing a standard document citing a minimum of information.



Document Name File Name
Competitive Range Document
OSDBU Clearance Form
Final Proposal Revision
Market Research Checklist
Request for Procurement Package
Offeror no Longer in Competitive Range
Evaluation/Negotiation Letter
TEP Chairperson Instructions
TEP Member Instructions
SBA 8(a) Offering Letter
Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition jofoc.dotx
 Limited Source Justification
 Milestone Plan milestoneplan.dotx




Document Name File Name
Solicitation Award Notice to Unsuccessful Offerors
Debriefing of Unsuccessful Offerors
Small Business Intent to Award Letter
Price Negotiation Memorandum/Award Summary




Document Name File Name
Contracting Officer’s Representative Designation Letter cordesig2.dotx
Location Monitor LocationMonitor.docx
Delegation of Authority to Administrative Contracting Officer
Determination and Findings to Exercise an Option
Cover Letter for Modifications and Awards
Exercise of Option Reminder
Notification of Intent to Exercise Option
Record of Payments recpmt.xlt
Ratification Letter rat1.dotx
Determination to Ratify ratdet.dotx
Response/Approval of Ratification
Non-Disclosure Agreement ARSNon-Disclosure.dotx




Document Name File Name
Contract Closeout Checklist - Appendix A ContractCloseoutChecklist-AppendixA.docx
COR Closeout Memorandum - Appendix B CORCloseoutMemo-AppendixB.docx
COR Certification - Appendix C CORCertification-AppendixC.docx
Contractor Notification Letter - Appendix D ContractorNotificationLetter-AppendixD.docx
Contract Completion Statement - Appendix E ContractCompletionStatement-AppendixE.docx
Deobligation Memorandum to OCFO - Appendix F DeobligationMemoToOCFO-AppendixF.docx
Release of Claims ReleaseofClaims.docx



Last Updated: 10/15/2014