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Acquisition Issuances


  • This page provides a list of all APD Issuances for Acquisition
  • APD Issuances are available to view online and download.


Acquisition Policies & Procedures (P&Ps) and Manuals


Number Subject Date Issued
157.0M Major Facilities Construction 05/31/2013
157.2-ARS Facilities Construction Authorities 05/31/2013
210.1-ARS Procurement and Property Management Reviews 07/07/2014
210.8 Procurement Preference Program (REE) 06/06/2011
210.9 Central Contact for Activity Address Code Maintenance (REE) 06/06/2011
210.10 Internal Control Plan for REE Acquisition Program  06/11/2012
212.9 Review and Approval of Contracts for Advisory and Assistance Services 05/02/2011
212.16 v.7 Approval of Ratification Actions within REE 08/25/2014
212.17 Unsolicited Proposals 11/27/2013
213.3M REE Purchase Card 10/04/2010
213.4 Procedures for Paying for Off-the-Shelf Training 09/18/2011



Other Acquisition Guidance (not listed above)


Abbrev Subject


04-02 Contract and Purchase Order Checklists 07/11/2003
CRB Contract Review Board Procedures 11/06/2014
CRB SOP Exhibits Contract Review Board Request 08/21/2014
PPMR Procurement Property Management Review Checklists 01/03/2001
Cont File Chlst Contract File Format Checklist
Quick Reference Guide Quick Reference Guide 11/05/2014



APOB Spotlights


Abbrev Subject Date
Spotlight-Oct 2014 FY 2014 Procurement Preference Program Accomplishments Oct 2014
Spotlight-Sept 2014 REE Small Business/AbilityOne Awards Program (attachment), Market Research for Sole Source and Full and Open Acquisitions, Standard Procurement Documents Sept 2014
Spotlight-August 2014 AbilityOne, Quick Reference Guide, Product Service Codes August 2014
Spotlight-July 2014 FAC-C Requirements; Procurement Preference Programs (PPP) July 2014

Spotlight-Jun 2014

Sign Language Interpreting Services (attachment); EPEAT (attachment) Jun 2014
Spotlight-May 2014 Unpriced Options - Procurement Advisory 117; Recent GAO Statements citing FAR 15.305(a)(3) - Technical Evaluation May 2014
Spotlight-Apr 2014 Minimum Wage for Contractors, Procurement Preference Program, REE Small Business Awards Program Apr 2014
Spotlight-Mar 2014 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Statement, LPTA, Vendors with Delinquent Federal Debt, IPP Logins Mar 2014
Spotlight-Feb 2014 Best Practice for BPA Calls; Justification of Other than Full and Open Competition (JOFOC) and Limited Source Justification Feb 2014
Spotlight-Jan 2014 IPP Task Delegations, Procurement Preference Program, Eagle Award Jan 2014
Spotlight-Dec 2013 Sustainable Acquisition; Federal Appropriations Law Training Reminder Dec 2013
Spotlight-Nov 2013 CPARS and FPDS-NG Refresher Courses; Source America Nov 2013
Spotlight-Oct 2013 Procurement Preference Program; Vendor Outreach Oct 2013
Spotlight-Sept 2013 FAITAS Release 7, Suspension and Debarment Training Opportunities Sept 2013
Spotlight-Aug 2013 Biobased Reporting Tool, Sustainable Acquisition Training, FPDS-NG User's Manual, USDA Charge Card Service Center Aug 2013
Spotlight-Jul 2013 Procurement Preference Program; Vendor Outreach Jul 2013
Spotlight-Jun 2013 FPDS-NG Reports in "Draft" Status Jun 2013
Spotlight-May 2013 FedBizOpps Archivals; IAS CO Warrant Approvals/Limitations May 2013
Spotlight-Apr 2013

Biobased Products; 2012 Eagle Award

Apr 2013
Spotlight-Mar 2013 Additive/Deductive Items v. Option Items Mar 2013
Spotlight-Feb 2013 Inspection and Acceptance for Micropurchases; CPARS Feb 2013
Spotlight-Jan 2013 Procurement Preference Program (PPP); System for Award Management (SAM) Jan 2013
Spotlight-Dec 2012 Procurement Advisory No. 71C – Partnership between Small Business Administration (SBA) and USDA; Purchase Card Payments Dec 2012
Spotlight-Nov 2012 Vendor Outreach Nov 2012
Spotlight-Oct 2012 Procurement Preference Program (PPP); Utility Procurement;FAC-C and FAC-COR Oct 2012
Spotlight-Sept 2012 System for Award Management (SAM); Acquisition Tracking System (ATS)  Sept 2012
Spotlight-Aug 2012 DR 5090-005 – 5% Goal to SDVOSB for Information Technology Aug 2012
Spotlight-July 2012 Green Purchasing Reporting Requirements; Extraneous Promotional Items Jul 2012
Spotlight-June 2012 NAICS Code Selection; IAS Jun 2012
Spotlight-May 2012 Resources May 2012


Last Updated: 09/29/2014