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Facilities Division

Facilities Contracts Branch

Welcome to the Facilities Contracts Branch. A part of the Facilities Division of AFM.


The Facilities Contracts Branch (FCB) provides nationwide contracting services and support for major construction and architectural-engineering (A-E) requirements.  FCB staff carries out acquisition planning for design and construction projects, solicits bids and proposals from the private sector, performs cost and price analysis on bids and proposals, executes contract awards, performs contract administration and monitoring, and conducts contract closeout actions for construction and A-E requirements in support of ARS research programs, as well as several other Agencies.  FCB provides project coordination, and technical advice and support on acquisition-related issues to Agency Program Managers on facilities design and construction policy formulation, budgetary requirements and reporting, and management accountability for Agency-wide facilities and construction programs. 


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Last updated: 10/10/2007